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“In the Wilderness”

In the wilderness of the mind

In the forest of the brain

In the garden of memories

Thoughts bloom and dreams grow.


"You Gotta Be"
        (short version)

You gotta be free. You gotta be

Be all you can. Be what you can. 

Do whatcha can. Do all you can

You gotta be. You gotta do. 

Freedom. Be free. Be you

Freedom to be. Freedom to do

Do it! Do it! Do it now.

Learn. Change. Grow and how! 

What's the next step?

What's the next move?

You gotta be quick

Or you get left behind. 

No time for anger. No time for pain

No time to hate. No time to waste

What have you begun?

Is it happening?

And where are you going?

Is it nice there? Is it good there?

Is it good for your head there?

Is it good for your body?

Is it good for your soul?

Don't stand still. Don't just exist.

You gotta be. You gotta do

Freedom. Be free. Be you.


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