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Masterpieces by Mark Rothko & Lee Krasner in Cycles of Nature at the Hudson River Museum yonkers ny

Cycles of Nature: Highlights from the Collections of the HRM and Art Bridges invites us to take a closer look at how artists embrace nature’s cycles, explicitly or implicitly, in their work. The exhibition includes exciting loans that embody these themes of growth, change, and resilience, including masterworks by renowned Abstract Expressionist painters Mark Rothko and Lee Krasner.

Mark Rothko was best known for his large color field paintings. This 1947 untitled painting (shown left), on loan from Christopher Rothko, is from the artist’s “multiform” period, featuring biomorphic forms suggestive of pulsating life. It hangs alongside Lee Krasner’s Re-Echo, 1957 (shown right) on loan from Art Bridges. Re-Echo is part of Krasner’s seventeen-painting Earth Green series, which reflects the artistic transformation she experienced after the sudden death of her husband, artist Jackson Pollock, in 1956. During a time of grief, she created an expression of energetic vitality and regeneration in organic forms.

See these works and many more in Cycles of Nature, on view through February 12, 2023.


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